happy self talk

honey wine.. I love having a good conversation with my close friend and a glass of beautiful honey wine. Why are Ethiopian people so friendly? I feel at home in the airport – every time I drove by the airport, my heart is uplifted. Do you enjoy the moment when the plane is taking off? Do you like the feeling when there is turbulence during the flight? Do you wake in the middle of the flight and feel like traveling to somewhere mysterious?

Women deserve good health care. Old people are not old, some young people are very old. They are the most beautiful people. I love talking with people in their 60’s and above. We ought to give more time and gifts to people living on the street. I love Angie and Brad. Gay marriage should be legalized everywhere. In some aspects, human are no better than animals – we should learn from them. Who invented green tea icecream?

Movies I will watch again: the curious case of benjamin button, avatar, schindler’s list, the pianist, a beautiful mind, the pursuit of happYness (haha, i love that Y), transformer… what if everything is a dream? are we living in someone else’s mind? What’s on your mind at this moment?

I think looking down on someone is looking down on yourself. Good things happen slowly, like, learning a new language, keeping a habit, learning to fly, recover from a decease, learning about ourselves… speed could be detrimental sometimes…like, demolishing a historical building, war, revolutions (?), anger, volcano eruption.

i want to visit in hawaii someday. look to the ocean n sky, the openness, the freedom, the air we breath, the light emitting at the far edge of the ocean, the starry sky at night. yes, the stars…the moment…the nature sound of peacefulness…